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Ben R. Slugoski

Ben R. Slugoski

My research focuses on the following three areas:

(1) Social cognition, especially attribution theory: The abnormal conditions focus model; discourse processes in social judgment; explanation and conversation; implicit verb causality

(2) Conversational pragmatics: Politeness theory; psychological status and applications of discourse pragmatics

(3) Self and social identity: Social constructionist critiques of ego identity statuses; development and validation of a measure of collective guilt and responsibility

Primary Interests:

  • Causal Attribution
  • Communication, Language
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition


Journal Articles:

  • Hilton, D. J., & Slugoski, B. R. (1986). Knowledge-based causal attribution: The abnormal conditions focus model. Psychological Review, 93, 75-88.
  • Slugoski, B. R. (1995). Mindless processing of requests? Don’t ask twice. British Journal of Social Psychology, 34(3), 335-350.
  • Slugoski, B. R., Lalljee, M., Lamb, R., & Ginsburg, G. P. (1993). Attribution in conversational context: Effect of mutual knowledge on explanation-giving. European Journal of Social Psychology, 23(3), 219-238.
  • Slugoski, B. R., Marcia, J. E., & Koopman, R. F. (1984). Cognitive and social interactional characteristics of ego identity statuses in college males. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 47, 646-661.
  • Slugoski, B. R., Shields, H. A., & Dawson, K. L. (1993). Relation of conditional reasoning to heuristic processing. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 19(2), 158-166.
  • Slugoski, B. R., & Turnbull, W. (1988). Cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel: Sarcasm, banter and social relations. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 7(2), 101-121.
  • Slugoski, B. R., & Wilson, A. E. (1998). Contribution of conversation skills to the production of judgmental errors. European Journal of Social Psychology, 28(4), 575-601.

Other Publications:

  • Branscombe, N. R., Slugoski, B. R., & Kappen, D. M. (2004). The measurement of collective guilt: What it is and what it is not. In N. R. Branscombe, & B. Doosje, (Eds.), Collective guilt: International perspectives. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Hilton, D. J., & Slugoski, B. R. (2001). Conversational processes in reasoning and explanation. In A. Tesser & N. Schwarz (Eds.), Blackwell handbook of social psychology, Vol. 1: Intraindividual processes (pp. 181-206). Oxford, UK: Blackwell.
  • Slugoski, B. R., & Ginsburg, G. P. (1989). Ego identity and explanatory speech. In J. Shotter & K. J. Gergen (Eds.), Inquiries in social construction series: Texts of identity (pp. 36-55). London: Sage.
  • Slugoski, B. R., & Hilton, D. J. (2001). Conversation. In W. P. Robinson & H. Giles (Eds.), The new handbook of language and social psychology. Chichester, UK: Wiley.

Ben R. Slugoski
Department of Psychology
James Cook University
Townsville, QLD 4811

  • Home: +617407628436
  • Fax: 61-7-4781 5117

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